Who we are

CBF believe that every helping hand can raise a child and create a better future for them.

The Image and perception is perhaps Africa/Nigeria’s biggest hurdle. Africa’s current image is perceived to be negative. This affects Africa’s identities, tourism, business, trade, diplomacy, and media coverage.

The concept of national image subsumes a mental picture in which a nation portrays or projects herself in relation with other nations. It is a significant factor, and an essential element for the perception and assessment of national character.

The Image Problem

Christy Busacca Foundation
Curbing the menace of women and girl-child trafficking amongst other female gender-related issues

From an industry point of view, we believe that the menace of women and girl-child trafficking amongst other female gender-related issues has become an embarrassment to the Nigerian brand. This is an epidemic that negatively affects communities and is a life-altering situation for victims. A poor image of the African woman and girl child creates the impression that the African woman is incapable of developing, sustaining, and providing or emulating leadership, especially to the teaming vibrant young women who seek encouragement and positive ways to navigate the unfavorable economic and social life they face daily.

Branding affects everything in the world. We have to be able to tell our own story. It’s our job to redefine how the world think of the African/Nigerian woman. Being a Nigerian brand with a female Chief Executive Officer, we are appalled by the enormity of the epidemic and the negative perception it has given to the African Woman and Girl-Child.  

CBF Strive To
Making education accessible to poor communities

The CHRISTY BUSACCA FOUNDATION-CBF strives to support the laudable effort of governments and organizations across Africa and eradicate the heinous crime against humanity.

Human Trafficking creates the impression that the country is incapable of providing  basic necessities for its citizens, especially the vibrant youth who seek for favourable economic opportunities and social life. It also debases Womanhood in Africa, as many Nigerian girls are allegedly involved in the underground sex industry in Europe. Beside the deportation of many Nigerian citizens casting aspersions on the national character, human trafficking also frustrates the efforts toward achieving the millennium development goals (MDGs), especially with respect to education.

The CBF is focused on two major areas:

Orientation Awareness Program

Orientation and awareness programmes for young girls and women across the African continent, giving them the impetus to aspire for greatness and leadership positions in all spheres of life. This stems from the idea that a confident girl-child with the knowledge of self-worth, a vision and a support system from mentors, cannot fall prey to traffickers.

Re-integration, & Rehabilitation 

Re-integration, rehabilitation  and economic empowerment of returnee. We have tasked ourselves with the responsibility of providing support for returnees, through skill acquisition programmes, providing start-up grants to establish small scale businesses which will enable them become financially independent, affording them a fresh start at life.

Our Vision

To restore the image of the African girl-child by the provision of a strategic solid support system.

Our Mission

To organize Re-Orientation, and Mentorship Programmes/campaigns for the girl-child across the African Continent and providing much needed support for returnees to be easily re-integrated into the society.

Our Objectives

Our Core Values


We are driven by the intense need to secure the welfare of the African girl-child. We take ownership and go the extra mile to restore the Image of the African woman through harnessing both internal and external human resource expertise for better outcomes.

People Oriented

We value cooperation, and using our individual skills. Providing constructive feedback to get everyone on the same page; we work collaboratively with people and organizations in order to achieve our goal.

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